WELLINGTON symposium

Jointly organised by New Zealand’s Universities, the School of Pharmacy at the University of Otago and the School of Pharmacy at The University of Auckland present “Pharmacy Forward: Evidence to take Pharmacy Forward”. This one-day symposium was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 12 April 2017 at the University of Otago Wellington campus.

The profession of pharmacy has been slow to deliver clinically based services and move from a product based model to a patient focused model.  While the reasons for this lack of movement are complex, one of the impediments has been the lack of remuneration and the uncertainty about the value of evidence.  As such, the profession needs a coordinated effort to collect the right evidence that will propel pharmacy forward.
The aim
The aim was to establish a multi-disciplinary forum to discuss current evidence of, and the process of, moving Pharmacy forward.

guest speakers RECORDINGS

There are a number of professions in our spotlight, and you are one of them. Unquestionably."


—  Professor Des Gorman, Health Workforce New Zealand

With an advanced scope of practice, we can do more for our patients."

—  Professor Ross Tsuyuki, University of Alberta, Canada.

Pharmacy practice research is critical to development of the profession."

—  Professor Ines Krass, University of Sydney.

Looking forward.. do we need pharmacists?

—  Geof Shirtcliffe, Chapman Tripp

Pharmacy practice research is critical to development of the profession."

- Glenn Symon, Southern District Health Board

Meet The Panel

A discussion time was set after a morning of presentations from our guest speakers. Moderated by The University of Auckland's School of Pharmacy Dean, Dr Jeff Harrison, the panel addressed audience questions on how we are going to move Pharmacy forward.

Professor Ines Kras explained the reasoning behind research funding in Australia. Mr Bob Buckham enlighten us on current funding procedures for flu vaccines and Mr. Geof Shirtcliffe responded to how the Universities could future proof current pharmacy students.

Dr. Jeff Harrison

Head, School of Pharmacy

The University of Auckland

Mr. Graeme Norton


Health Consumer Council of NZ


Ross Tsuyuki

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)

University of Alberta


Ines Krass

Professor in Pharmacy Practice University of Sydney, Australia 

Mr. Geof Shirtcliffe


Chapman Tripp

Mr. Glenn Symon

Senior Manager

Southern District Health Board

Mr. Bob Buckham

Chief Pharmacist Advisor


How do we future proof the undergraduate qualification?"
- Tara Officer, Pharmacist & PhD Candidate in Health Policy Research, Victoria University.

Lightning TALKS

in order to include evidence from as many speakers as possible, Lightning Talks were included in the agenda, limited at 10 minutes each.


Unfortunately, it didn't work out this way as every speaker shared a profound passion for moving Pharmacy forward that we ran well over time!



Leanne Te Karu 
Clinical Advisory/Prescribing Pharmacist
Pihanga Health Medical Centre 
William (Billy) Allan
Chief Pharmacist (Primary and Secondary Services) Hawke’s Bay Health Sector 
Dr Linda Bryant
Professional Practice Fellow
University of Otago 



Ian McMichael
Managing Director
Pharmacy 547 
Dr Caroline Morris 
Senior Lecturer
University of Otago, Wellington

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